Crazy Customers: An Accident Turns Into Cops And Allegations Of Violence
Fun-To-Mental: Simple Solutions


Kai Lowell

I... *jaw on floor*

How. Bloody. Entitled. CAN YOU GET??


*Gasp* How can that poor person be expected to cope with such unmitigated horror? The poor service? So what if their is a statewide disaster and tragedy? No clean sheets is the real hardship here. *Clutches chest dramatically and wails* Think of the children, won't someone please think of the children


Perfect example of a Special Snowflake.


I think I might know why Diane is at Disneyworld alone. And if sleeping on a bed that's been made, sleep in the other bed in the room! You can clearly see it. I feel sorry for whoever has to deal with this type of idiot along with all the problems from the hurricane.


I always bring my own body wash and other hygiene items with me on my trips. What is so tricky about making a bed? I feel sorry for Stephanie and her 8-year-old boy because the lack of air conditioning, clean water and strong doubts about him going to school! I hope after this fiasco, she can get him settled in school or hire a tutor for him. I also like what Ilia said and I hope these employees find out the storm didn't level their homes!


I just can't...fathom this level of douchebaggery. That killed a little bit of my faith in humanity.

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