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From  ScreamingMidgit, Tales From Reddit:

Let me paint you a scene: There's a record breaking hurricane about to barrel it's way through your town within the week causing mass hysteria, a grocery store where half of the employees have left the state, on top of that distribution centers running on all cylinders barely able to keep up with the demand resulting in many essentials such as water and canned being out of stock, and irritated and scared customers running around the store like headless chickens.

Yeah, it's been an interesting week for me.

We've had a few incidents of fender benders in the parking lot, some of those incidents resulting in fistfights. Customers swearing up a storm because half of our shelves are empty, even though there's nothing we can do about that. More people asking us to check the mythical back room than usual. All of our carts were left scattered all over the parking lot (thanks guys) and we had no one available to get them, so people were pissed off about that lack of convenience. I've also, humorously, seen one guy running around with three carts full of stuff. And on top of all that everyone was pissed off because we closed early today and won't be opening up again until Tuesday, because clearly me and my fellow employees lives and that of our families means absolutely nothing to these animals.

On the flip side my snark was turned on for pretty much the entirety of the week, which made the week at least tolerable for me.

-- ScreamingMidgit




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