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From  lambs_ear, Tales From Retail:

A co-worker came to tell me that a customer was looking for roma tomatoes. this is odd to me since i was sure our three spots of them were full, but thinking i could be wrong, i look for the tomatoes in the freight. seeing as this would take a while, i told him to tell her to continue shopping and circle back around when she's ready to leave to see if we've stocked them or found them.

I break down freight and can't find any romas. the customer has returned and i go to tell her this.

Lamb: "My apologies, ma'am, but we're out of stock at the moment."

Lady: "Then you should take down the romas you have out."

Lamb: "Pardon? we have some on the table?" I had thought we were either really low or out so i go to check and the three spots aren't in bad shape (just less than decent quality) but filled to the brim in romas. i'm very confused.

Lamb: "These aren't the best, but these are all the romas we have currently. there isn't any on the freight."

Lady: "I need 20lbs of romas and these aren't good enough."

Lamb: "I understand. my coworker and I can go through these by hand and pick you 20lbs of nothing but the best from this stock if you would like."

Lady: "No. It's labour day weekend and you should have enough for anyone that comes in here! it's an important weekend for me!"

Lamb: "Yes I agree. it's not up to me and co-workers, however, to order and determine stock. that's management's job, so i apologise that we don't have any overstock currently."

Lady: "This is completely unreasonable. you expect me to believe that you can't order extra things for busy weekends? what if someone came in for apples and you didn't have enough?!"

Lamb: "Then I would tell them the exact same thing i've told you."

Lady: "You think you're being all 'customer service smiles' but this is just disguised rudeness! i hope you're happy that you've lost a loyal customer."

Lamb: yes, we both know you're coming back. "if you would like to take personal action against this inconvenience, our customer service desk is just this way. i can personally escort you and attest to your complaint."

Lady: "yes, I WILL. but i don't need you, you've 'helped' enough."

She can kiss my minimum wage keister.

-- lambs_ear









So... since they don't have enough for EVERYONE to have 20 pounds, they don't have any at all? Lady, this isn't kindergarden, they don't have to bring enough for everyone.

Tech Support Survivor

Supplies are limited. That phrase so applies here.

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