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From dementedinnocence, Tales From Retail:

I worked in a big box furniture retailer. Been there for MANY years and have a real knack of remembering all the products we used to carry so even though I focus on just merchandising and displays I help out with customers that are looking for old products we no longer carry and want something similar. We had a customer come in about three years ago. Customer is C, I am De, new coworker is New.

New coworker brings customer over. New: this woman is looking for a product that I can't find, could you help us out? De: sure.... C: I'm looking for this thing that hangs down with circles, I just need to replace a circle because it broke. De: was it a hanging sculpture, white with string holding it together? C: Yes!! De: I'm sorry but we haven't carried that in five years. You could probably make a replacement with stuff from a craft store. C: don't you sell spare parts? De: yes, but only for currently stocked parts. Once a product is no longer in production then the spare prices stop getting made. C: can't you order it?!?! De: no. It has been five years, there is no where to get it. The only chance would be to look on eBay. C: but I bought it here, you should have the parts to replace it.

Now I'm getting pissed and cause I'm not sales person and have no tact

De: well we don't. There is nothing we can do for you. You can try at the customer service desk but they will tell you the same thing. Good day.

As usual she huffed off muttering as loudly as possible at what a horrible worker I am to not be able to magically conjure up parts for her.







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