Closing Time Nightmares: "I Don't Care About Bomb Threats. I'm Still Shopping!"
Sidewalk Signage: A Mimosa Lesson



Wow. Harsh.


Did she steal the banana by eating it before she had it weighed and paid for?? I suspect she did!


I'd hand the basket back to her and say "excuse me, but it looks like you forgot something" with a great big smile on my face.

Kai Lowell

Pam, Target (at least here) doesn't weigh bananas out - they have bunches for sale at 49 cents a bunch. So eating one wouldn't affect the price in any way. It's smegging gross to just leave the peel in the basket like that, though!


As my name implies that person would be me. Banana peels in Target are quite the common occurrence, in baskets, on shelves, and it's always lovely when I'm gathering carts, trying to make a chain then one cart just won't connect- why? because a banana peel is lodged in the joint of the cart! (meaning the peel was in the baby seat.)


Ewwww. Food by products like apple cores, orange peels, banana peels, etc, or dirty diapers are the worst. Like seriously, you are going to change your kid in a shopping cart that people put food in? Who does that?

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