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From  All_Nighter_Long, Tales From Retail:

During this tale, I work in a major appliance department in my store. It took a bit of work to get myself there but I eventually did.

What I’ve learned is that it’s 1 part fulfilling orders, 2 parts solving issues.

Today came a chance where I had to try to do both.

At this moment, it early morning and I’m going through my morning routine tasks (Checking signage, updates from manufactures about products, cleaning display units, etc.) When a customer comes in my area I immediately greet her.

Me: “Hello, is there anything I can help you find today?”

Cu: “ Yes, I am looking for a freezer.”

She gestures to one of the larger chest freezers we have in store.

Me : “Okay, Is there anything in particular you’re looking for in one?”

Cu: “Yes I am looking for one that is $125”

Yes, she did ask for that specific price. Now normally they don’t in come that low of a price, and if they do they’re really low quality and very small. But hey, you get what you pay for. I look through the system, and our cheapest unit comes at $165

Me: “ I don’t see anything for that price miss. Our most inexpensive unit online comes at about $165”

Cu: “Ohhhhh, that’s expensive.”

Me : Internally “ They’re major appliances lady. They’re going to be expensive.”

Cu: “And shipping is free?”

Me: “for purchases over $300 yes. However, because of the item you’re considering is below that. We would have to charge a $70 trucking charge.”

Jason 001aIt’s my understanding we are the cheapest for that fee. But we don’t run into that issue a lot. As most people buy items that are well above that.

Cu: “$70! Why $70?”

Me: “Because unfortunately major appliances cannot be delivered via the postal service or any typical third-party. So we have to hire a logistics company to delivery and install it.”

Cu: “and what if I pick it up here in the store.”

Ah, Yes. Because our store has mountains of room for major appliance orders. If we did do this, it would a logistical disaster to manage.

Me:” Unfortunately that is not a service we offer for major appliances.”

Cu:” You have one here, why Can I not get that one?”

Me: “Because appliance orders are delivered from a warehouse and we can’t sell floor models unless they’re clearance.”

Cu: “But $160 and $70 shipping is too much. Does [Neighboring city] store have one.”

A quick call to them shows that they do have some, but none that could be sold off the floor. I tell her the news.

Cu: “Well can you give me a discount, or take it off the delivery fee.”

Me: “unfortunately not ma’am. This is incurred by the delivery company, not by [My company]. and I can’t discount it to cover that price as it’s grounds for termination and arrest in my company. Even if I wanted to, I would need manager approval to do so.”

Cue another 5 minute rant of expensive her option for purchase is, meanwhile I have customers who’lll spend 4-7K on a typical order. I get that people are on a budget and have issues at home sometimes, and I’ll try to work with them based on their situation to help them out(Hell we comped a lady’s $1800 order $300 plus rented out a washer and dryer from another company for her because we screwed up). But com’on, Don’t come here with unrealistic expectations. If you can’t afford it, just accept it and try to find one used or refurbished somewhere else.

TLDR: Major appliances are expensive.

-- All_Nighter_Long




Double U Gal

I always appreciate a terse and accurate Tl;Dr but I did read the whole story...

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