Customer Rejects: Laundry First!
Crazy Receipts: That Sounds Painful...

Appreciative Customer: "One good deed deserves another."



From jackthedruid, Tales From Retail:

I work for a big grocery chain. I was pushing carts and I found a phone. No biggie, gave to CS. A few hours later (30 mins ago) an older gentleman approached me. OG for him me for me.

OG- You were working the carts today right?

Me- Yes sir, I was.

OG - You didn't see a phone on one of the small carts, did you?

Me - I did, I handed it to customer service a bit ago.

OG- Thank you young man :)

He goes on inside, gets the phone and approaches me again.

CG- Here you go, one good deed for another (Hands me a wad of 1s)

Me- I can't accept this, I was just doing the right thing!

CG- I insist, you've saved me a lot of grief. You could have easily pocketed it, and you did the right thing.

(That went on about twice more)

Me- Well, thank you very much! I appreciate it! Have a good night!

A bit later I counted it.

He left $100 in between the ones.. If i would have known, I would definitely not have taken it!

Thank you, kind old man!!!







Seriously, though, if I knew who turned in my phone when I was in a similar situation, I definitely would have given some kind of reward. Half my life is on my phone, it feels like, and while I've got everything synced and backed up, replacing one is a pain in the ass

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