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From samfletchxo, Tales From Retail:

I work for a car dealership on the service side, we often get people ringing shouting because they've been with us for 12 years with the same car and now it has an issue and we should fix it for free. Obviously I can sympathise and we help people out (unless they're really rude) but then there's the people who've never used us. The people who turn up one day with a broken down car screaming because although they've never been to you before you should drop what you're doing and fix it. Alas this story comes from a phone call I had and this is how the conversation went. We'll call him angry car guy.

ME "Good morning you're through to CAR DEALER how can I help?"

AGC "Umm hi, I have an INSERT CAR BRAND and it has a problem."

ME "Okay, can you tell me a little more about the issue?"

AGC "Well it has a problem with the brakes, when I'm braking it judders and it's obviously not safe to drive."

ME "Have we seen the vehicle before? I'll just bring it up on my syste...."

AGC "No? Don't see why that matters."

ME "Okay. (?!?) Before we go on then can I take your registration number so I can have a look at the vehicle?"

AGC "Excuse me but I need to know is this something you're going to fix for free?"

ME "Well, do you have any manufacturers warranty?"

AGC "No, it's 5 years old."

ME "Okay, do you have any extended warranty from another dealer?"

AGC "I don't see why you're asking me all these questions but no I've had it since new."

ME "Then if you have no warranty you will have to pay for it to be fixed, we can book it in for an investigation and find the problem and then proceed from there."

AGC "Oh just fuck off, if you're not going to fix a problem that's your fault then why would I come to you. You're just desperate to make money out of me, you know my dad used to be a mechanic so I'm not stupid. I'll be making a complaint about this to your head office and I will never be using you in the future. "

And he hung up. Because I wouldn't fix his 5 year old car for free. That had never been in to us. And most likely needed work doing that was down to wear and tear.

I wish this was my only angry car guy story.







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