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From  LadyOlenna84, Tales From Retail:

My company, besides providing other services, sells water softener salt. You can either buy it in store or have it delivered for a higher price.

A woman calls in for a delivery of salt bags. They come in 50lb bags. She asks me how many would take to fill it. I ask her how big her salt tank is because there are different sizes. She has no idea. I tell her that an average size tank holds about 250 lbs of salt but without knowing how big her tank is there is no way for me to tell her how many bags it would take to fill it. She said she will just get 5 bags then (250 lbs).

We go and deliver it and that's all fine. Two weeks later she sends an email requesting we deliver 4 more bags of salt. Ok, that's just fine too. So we deliver those 4 bags the next day.

Fast forward 3 weeks later when she receives her bill. She says that she did not budget for those additional 4 bags of salt she requested and that she is not paying for them. She says when she first called she was "promised" that the first 5 bags would fill it and since they didn't and since she had to request more salt, she thinks she shouldn't have to pay for them.

She of course asked to "speak with a manager" who tried to explain to her that since she didn't know how large her salt tank was she was given the average size and that there was no way we could've "promised" her that the 5 bags would fill it considering neither she nor us had any idea how big it was. She was also explained that when you request product delivered you are required to pay for that product (who would've thought, right?).

She started screaming at the top of her lungs, going on about how this is horrible customer service and that she "is not paying for this". Finally my manager just told her fine, we will credit her for the 4 additional bags SHE requested but that in the future if she orders product, she will have to pay for it.

I just can't believe the audacity of customers. On what planet do you order a product and then say you aren't paying for it because you are so financially irresponsible that you "didn't budget it in". Seriously, sometimes I absolutely hate customers.

-- LadyOlenna84






The kind of world where 'if I scream loud enough I get what I want' is continually reinforced by managers giving in to it. Why should she pay for something she can get for free just by being an asshole?


Exactly, TT. These people have been trained to scream and cry like toddlers throwing tantrums by managers and corporate continually caving to this behavior, it's no wonder it's so prevalent. Especially with social media.


I had to fill the water softener tank for work. It took an entire pallet of salt. Good thing I was young and strong for that one. The tank was about 5 feet tall.

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