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Misty Meanor

What the hell? It might have been extreme, but it's better than an explosion!


Love it! :)

You know what happens if you drop a lit cigarette into a bucket of gasoline? The cigarette goes out. It's not hot enough to ignite gasoline.


While a cigarette is not hot enough to ignite gasoline as a liquid, it is more than enough to ignite gasoline fumes.

Tech Support Survivor

I laughed.


The "bucket test" is irrelevant. Pure gasoline doesn't burn. Only gasoline between about 1.5% and 7.5% in air will burn. (That's why your engine won't fire when the mix "too lean" or "too rich.")
As any mechanic knows, it takes three things to fire a cylinder: gas, air, and spark. The first two must be at the proper ratio, the third must be "hot" enough.
Cigarettes burn bright when you suck on them, and burn dim when you don't -- but they never go out. (The clever cigarette companies figured out how to do that many many years ago.) So there's ALWAYS a potential "spark" from a cigarette.



Oh man that must have felt awful. Absolutely beautiful!


What am I missing? I see two cars, one perdon in one. The other with his back to camera and yhe car door open. Not sure either would stop fire?

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