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From  en256, Tales From Retail:

I work at self-checkout. 90% of the time if you just follow the instructions on the screen you'll be fine, but most people don't do this so I often end up having to walk them through it.

This is what happened today just a couple hours ago, I'm going to describe it pretty much word for word.

Woman: I don't know what to do

Me: Okay no problem. First push "start"

W: stares at screen, currently a mostly white background with our store name and a button the size of your fist saying "start"

Me: Just push start

W: ...

Me: Push start

W: ...

Me: Push start

W: *pulls out her rewards card*

DumcustyMe: You have to push start first

W: *starts trying to shove her rewards card in the cash slot* Here?

Me: *pointing at start button* Push the button that says "start"

W: *pushes start*

Me: *pointing to scanner* Okay now you can scan your card here

W: Where?

Me: Here

W: scans card

Me: Okay now scan the blueberries (her only item)

W: scans blueberries and bags them somehow without any issues

Me: Now hit "pay for my order"

W: starts trying to put cash in the cash slot

Me: Hit the big red button on the screen

W: pushes "pay for my order"

Now the machine asks her to scan any coupons. There are two buttons on the screen, one saying "done" and the other saying "coupon problem". Hitting "done" takes you to the payment screen, and hitting "coupon problem" prompts you to give any coupons to me. It also locks up the register until I reset it from my terminal.

Dumbass18Me: Okay now push "done"

W: *keeps trying to put money in the cash slot* Why isn't it taking it?

Me: Push done

W: stares at screen

Me: Push done

W: ...

Me: Push done

W: ...

Me: Push done (about four or five more times)

W: presses "coupon problem"

Register: freezes up

W: Oh "done"!

So at this point I just can't do this anymore so I go to my terminal, clear her machine, and then go over to just do it for her. I push "done" and then "cash" and then point as close as possible, literally touching it, at the cash slot saying "okay now put your cash in here."

So finally she paid and left, leaving me to wonder how people like this even manage to get to our store.

-- en256






Sounds like she was illiterate. Maybe she was too embarrassed to say anything. She should have gone to a manned register if that was the case though.

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