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From PM_Me_TrashPandas, Tales From Retail:

So I work in the pharmacy department in a large retail chain. On several occasions I will have customers that I have no idea how they even managed to find the store let alone how to find their own front door.

So I'll be me and customer will be C.

C: "Excuse me sir. What's the difference between (insert medication) and (same medication just different size)?"

Me: "Nothing really. This one is a 45 count and this one is a 60 count."

C: "But why is one $4.95 and the other $5.95?"

Me: "Because that one comes with more."

C: Looks at both.

Me: "anything else I can help you with?"

C: "But why is the price different?"

Me: Oh my god, how stupid can you be "because you get more in this one, so you pay more."

This goes on for about 3min until I decided it's not worth wasting my time and I know my supervisor won't get mad at me for walking away. So that's what I do. Walked away and continued working.

Some people...









I was in line at a fast food restaurant. It was late, about 8:30, and I was trying to get food and get back to work so I wouldn't waste my whole 30 minute shift. The lady ordering kept asking why the 8-piece nugget and the 12-piece nugget were different prices. The cashier kept explaining it's because the 8 nugget has only 8 nuggets, while the 12 nugget has more nuggets than the 8 count. The lady didn't get it. They had to open a new lane for me to buy my food from (only one lane open, they closed at 9) so that I could get my food. The lady was still arguing with the guy when I left, and there were two managers involved.

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