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From caydevy

So this happened to my manager yesterday. First a little background, I work at a bakery/cafe that's pretty popular. My store is located in Pasadena, CA. Not on the main street, but still gets a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes we get orders for cake and bread over $200. I think our cheapest 8 in. cake is probably around $25-$30.

Alright, now to the story. So I'm working and my manager comes in my department upset over some crybaby old lady. He said after she bought her bread she asked for a cup of water. He told her no problem it'll be 25¢. No big deal right, just a quarter. Not with this lady, apparently she got upset because we charge for the cup. JUST the CUP, not the actual water. If she brought her own cup we would've filled it for her.

Anyway I don't remember what she told my manager, but he said she was pointing at him and yelling. You know the point, the 'How dare you speak to me like that' point. She screamed "I spent $25 on bread you should treat me better", or something like that. I laughed and told my manager " Are you serious $25? That's not even that much bread". I understand being a little upset over being charged for water, but it was just a quarter. I don't get why someone would throw a tantrum over not being treated like a damn queen for spending $25.

TLDR: Lady got really angry she spent $25 on bread and was charged 25¢ for a cup of water.





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