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Entitled Customers: Woman Has a Tantrum Over Sold Out Sale Pajamas



From thepeachqueen, Tales From Retail:

So this happened today, less than a few hours ago. For context I work in a pyjama store.

I’ll be M and she’ll be spoilt woman or SW. SW walks into the store

M: morning, can I help you with anything or are you happy looking today? SW: fine looking.

She goes about her business, picking through our wardrobes and checking out our new stock. She then gets to our big middle table and freezes and then walks around it twice.

M: Do you need a hand with anything there? Sizes or anything?

SW: You had a bunch of your pj pants on this table over the weekend, where are they?

(Mind you we hadn’t had any pants on that table for over two weeks)

M: Yeah sorry, they were sale pants and unfortunately we don’t really have many left.

SW: (whinging) But I want them...

M: Which sort were you after?

SW: The ones that were right here. (She then point to a random spot on the table, expecting me to read her mind and know exactly what she’s talking about.) This goes on for a few minutes until she decides that a description might actually help me. I go out to check to see if there’s anything out there and there isn’t.

M: I’m so sorry but it looks like we sold out.

SW: But I want them.

M: I’m really sor-

SW: I want them!!

Then she started stomping her feet and demanding a manager.

M: Well I am a manager, would you like to-

SW: Ughhhhhhh. (And then she walked out without a trace)

A grown woman threw a tantrum because we didn’t have what she wanted.

Retail gets funnier every day I swear.







"Why didn't you know I wanted these things that were sitting here for weeks?" Why didn't you buy them at the time, if you knew they were there?

Misty Meanor

Some people, I swear.


I wonder how many of these people would pass psychiatric examinations

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