Crazy Receipts: How Do You Even Get A Supply Of Those?
Retail Hell Memories: My Milk was stolen and it's your fault



Someone apparently didn't beware, and accidentally swapped the B and the R.


And ate the extra E. Or it's Elmer Fudd's status sign and he's in rehab...


TT, there's a second E in there...

It's bright green at the bottom.

This is literally Beware with the B and R swapped...

9 am Monday, or 5 pm Friday, lol


(squints...) Ok, I'll take your word for it... I'm colorblind and sometimes things blend in. (spends several minutes with it zoomed way in) Mmf. I thought the bit of cardboard was the base... can barely see that E. :P


Be vewy, vewy, quiet. I'm going to wehab. The wabbit wasn't weal. Wemembewr kids, dwugs awe bad

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