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Get A Business Degree And You Too Can Spend Your Days Dressed Like A Slice Of Pizza!


Freddy bookFrom AvieLikesThisAskReddit

I hate condescending people, because they assume college solves everything. I went to college; I still sell pizza. I like it.

I made an appearance as "Mr. Slice" (yes, a pizza costume) at elementary school for a fundraiser, and a little girl came up and gave me a hug.

She said, "I wanna be a pizza!" She might've been in kindergarten.

Her mom comes up, and starts to lead her away. "No, you're going to college! You're not dressing like a pizza for a job!"

My blood boiled, but my face was obscured by the costume, so I went for it. "Ma'am? I went to college, and I still work for a restaurant."

She stopped, cold. Then she asked, in a smug tone, "What was your major?"

"Business." And it's true, I did major in business.

The woman looked horrified, and walked off.

Worth it.