English is Hard: Now Hiring Acceptional People
Waitress Looking Out For Her Customer's Seafood Allergy



Yep. They can't even give those darn things away around here.


I never wanted one. I rated that with pet rock on desirability to purchase.


I dunno.... NASA just took one into space. When that goes viral....

Kai Lowell

I have one and I do actually find it somewhat useful, but mostly the cats just like to smack it around...

Tech Support Survivor

I thought about getting one... just for Smudge- er, kitty.


And yet here in Canada Costco is selling them in a six pack.


My son has like 8 of the things. I bought him one, and he loved it, so his mother got him one, then a friend of mine gave him one. The rest he's found abandoned on buses and trains

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