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Monstrous Customers: Being A Police Officer Makes It Legal To Sexually Harass People, Apparently


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So, a few sheriffs come in from a department to get some gear. Typical day in the store. There were five that I counted. We have a few ladies that work in the store, a couple on the retail floor. This is a heavily male dominated market we carter to, being law enforcement supply and all. Two of these sheriff's stand out from the group; Deputy Jackass and Deputy Gomer.

Deputy Jackass apporaches one of the ladies, Purple, and talks to her. Purple has become the shit magnet on the floor for some reason. Maybe it's because she's a girl or maybe it's the purple hair that makes her stand out.

Dept. Jackass reaches his arm around her, holds her by the shoulders and tells her that she has the prettiest smile out of everyone on the floor. Well, she gets creeped out and leaves the floor to talk to one of our VP's.

The VP hears the story, calls the floor manager to his office and after a bit of discussion, walk out to have a talk with Dept. Jackass. Not sure what was said, but Purple stayed off the floor till the deputies left.

Purple asked if she would be justified in shooting the creep, since she conceal carries. (HR is looking into changing the employee handbook. We might be ok with shanking for now. ;) )


Deputy Gomer approaches Glasses and starts to get help from her. He said the most WTF thing I have ever heard and I wish I was making this up.

Deputy Gomer: "I want to paint you red and make you my traffic cone."

I don't... What?

Glasses has the ability to ignore crazy stuff said to her. This guy went on to talk about how he likes to practice mouth to mouth and other nonsense.

The traffic cone thing sticks out to me. I don't know if it's a weird pick up line or racial or what. Can anyone help me with this one?

Last I heard, management is talking with the department's chief.





Deputy Gomer sounds unstable. I have no idea what that traffic cone thing might mean, but yeah, I would def recommend a conversation with the chief about these 2.


TV, I agree with you about Officer Gomer being a few grapes shy of a fruit salad! It's scary two officers who are supposed to
protect everyone think they can get away with being lecherous!

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