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Monstrous Customers: Middle Fingers Blazing, After A Tantrum


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From erikahoelTalesFromRetail

A tale from my time spent employed at a popular thrift chain.

It was my first week on the job, and I was initially hired on as a seasonal Halloween consultant (later to be stationed on fitting rooms, trained as a cashier and eventually promoted to management). I was just returning from my lunch break when an angry customer (AC) approached me.

AC: "Excuse me missy, but I'm running late for work and you need to ring me up."

Me: "I'm so sorry, I'm not trained to use a register but I ca-"

AC: "I don't care about your petty excuses! Do your damn job and ring me up! I need to leave!"

Me: "Again, I'm not trained to cashier but I will gladly get someone to help you. One moment."

AC: "Oh so now you're going to walk away from me?! Where is your manager? Who hired you anyway??"

Me: "It will be one moment. If you'd like, cashier [name] can help you on lane X. I'll grab my manager for yo-"

AC: "I'm so tired of your attitude!"

Angry customer tips over their shopping cart.

AC: "Pick that up."

Me: "Excuse me?"

AC: "You heard me. Pick. That. Up."

At this point I looked in desperation at the cashier who was ready to help the customer at their register. The cashier called the manager (M) for me.

M: "Is there a problem?"

AC: "YES. This sniveling little [c---] REFUSED to help me and now I'm late for work! And do you see what she did?? [AC points to me] I could SUE you for assault you know!"

M: "Actually, she isn't trained to use a register and I see my cashier has been waiting for you while you've been harassing my Halloween consultant. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to view the security tapes to see who exactly tipped your cart over."

AC: "That won't be necessary."

AC then put both of their hands in the air, middle fingers blazing, and left the store.





Question: if you’re late for work, then what are you doing here? It’s not the retail slave’s fault you slept through your alarm! Also, if you really *are* late, why are you picking a fight with them?


She probably doesn't even have a job, it's just a convenient excuse to try and make someone feel bad and push her dumb ass in front...


Security Cameras, FTW!
"I could sue you for assault!"
"You could, but you'll lose, because the video that clearly shows you tipping over the cart will be marked 'Exhibit A'"

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