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Not Safe For Life, trigger warning, possibly.

I work at a large chain drug store, developing photos and answering questions and whatnot.

A couple years ago I had a man bring in six rolls of film for development. This guy looked sleazy as all hell, and kept asking weird questions. He made me really uncomfortable, but the pictures were BAD.

The first two rolls were from a party with clearly underage girls drinking and stripping down. There were pictures of older men feeling them up while they were, I'm assuming, passed out.

One roll was exclusively of two little boys in a bathtub, with an adult hand making them touch each other inappropriately. These boys looked sad, and they couldn't have been more than three or four. It made me sick.

The last three rolls were a mixture of adult sex, including oral, vaginal and anal penetration, and the guy fucking a cat.

I called my boss over and the police were called. Our LP supervisor called the customer and told him his film was ready, the customer came in, gave his name and then noticed the police. He looked through the pictures I was legally allowed to print (nonpornographic, and there weren't many) and told me that they weren't his photos. He accused me of mixing them up and then tried to nope the hell outta there.

Cops got him, but I don't know if he was charged with anything. (I'm hoping at least the stuff with minors got him in trouble). Unfortunately my company policy is such that I never got any follow up info.




If you recall his name, the criminal prosecution is public record (in the US, anyway). A Google search may well turn up news coverage. He'll probably show up on a registered sex offender list, too, but from the sounds of it that may be many years in the future.

Misty Meanor

Anyone who had to endure seeing that has my deepest sympathies. That would traumatize anyone for life I'd bet.


At least when I worked in a photo lab I only saw pictures of dead babies. I'm really glad you involved the police with this guy - I know that it's good to at least have them keeping an eye on him, if this wasn't enough evidence to convict him.


Must have been extra stupid to try and get the pics developed where others will see them.

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