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From i_shat_mypantsTalesFromRetail

To set the scene, I work in the apparel department of a grocery store chain in my area of the United States. I was working until close last night, and it had been rather uneventful, until of course my story unfolded.

I was standing at the register, waiting for people to check out, (it had been really dead all day, and it was already about 9 PM) when a man walks into the store. This guy was really big, like big and tall. Kind of sketchy, the type you get the 'I'm definitely going to try to steal vibe' from. I greeted him as he walked by, but he completely ignored me, and walked purposefully towards the Men's department.

I called my coworker immediately, who was working in Men's and explained what I saw and described the guy, so she could hopefully customer service him. We're supposed to customer service what we deem potential shoplifter's to reduce our shrink. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This night was one of those times it didn't.

My coworker, who we'll refer to as CW from now on, calls me about five minutes after I had hung up the phone to describe the guy to her.

CW: "Hey, he's in a fitting room now. He took a Carhartt sweatshirt and a few Champion brand shorts in with him. He's making a lot of noise, like grunting and stuff, so I don't know what he's doing."

Me: "Okay, thanks for letting me know. Do you think he's going to head up this way?"

CW: "Yeah, I definitely do- Oh, hi sir! Did this work out for you okay? Sir...?"

I was confused at this point, because the man had obviously come out of the dressing room and was ignoring my coworker's attempts to customer service him.

Me: "Is he coming up here?"

CW: "Yeah, he's headed your way."

I hung up the phone and quickly positioned myself near the door, in case he attempted to leave. What happened next still makes me wrack my brain at how ridiculous it was.

The shoplifter comes strolling down the hallway, acting like he has no care in the world. I obviously am watching him like a hawk next to the door, and he walks right past the check stand to check out. I noticed he was wearing the Carhartt sweatshirt my coworker told me he had taken into the fitting room. He walked right past me at the door, at which point I attempt to stall him by asking for his receipt.

PET70He completely ignores me except for a grunt and keeps walking, that is until he beeps. The Carhartt sweatshirt had had a sensor on it. He stopped like a deer in the headlights, and pulls it up really fast. He then grabbed all the Champion shorts that were shoved into the pocket of the hoodie, and shoves them into his shorts, but he throws the hoodie at me. And then he keeps walking out.

I was so thoroughly confused, as was my coworker who had just made it to the front in time to witness the craziness. I had no idea.

He essentially gave back one of the items he was trying to steal because of the sensor but then put two more things into his pocket right in front of me... like I wasn't even there.

We all gathered around and wrote a description of what had happened and what he looked like. My manager had tried to follow him or see where he went but, he obviously came on foot because there was no car around or any sign of him.

Well, I thought that that was the end of that guy for the night, and thought I just had the last hour and a half to go, but of course I was wrong. I was at the register again, this time it was 9:30, when I heard the automatic doors open, and the guy is walking back in again like nothing even happened. The best part? He was wearing the shorts that he had stolen not even an hour prior, in to the store again. Like holy crap.

So I tried to greet him and just be generally obnoxious but he completely ignored me again, and this time I was really pissed. This was just too blatant, and honestly extremely ballsy. He walked back around the corner again to Men's, with a purpose like he had the time before. I called my coworker again, and then all my other coworkers, as well as a overhead page for Customer Service to Men's department, so he would maybe be spooked. No such luck.

I get a call from my CW again, this time she sounded like she was almost crying.

CW: "I don't know what to do, (my name), he's destroying the Carhartt section, and he's yelling. Can I call the cops? I can't get a hold of our manager!"

PET1Me: "Yes, call the cops. I'll call the front end manager and have him come back there. I'm so sorry."

So I call the front end manager who comes racing over to our department. He didn't even stop, he just ran straight to Men's. But before he even had a chance to make it to Men's, the guy came barreling down the hallway, with like three or four pairs of Carhartt pants as well as some t-shirts. I ran over to the door, for what reason I don't know, there was no way I was going to be able to stop him, but he just kept running past my entrance. He ran all the way to the other side of the store, where the home department is, and customer service and ran out as fast as he could.

Apparently there was someone stationed on that side, because the front end manager had called them to stand over there just in case the guy pulled what he did. The manager that was on the home side had no time to react and the guy got out with a bunch of stuff.

So we all gathered around again, and by this time it was almost 10. We filled out another sheet for Loss Prevention to go over, and to hopefully ban this guy off of what we witnessed, if he ever came in again. At this point we were positive he wouldn't try it again.

My God, how wrong were we.

This story is so long and I apologize, but I figured I had to tell you guys. Anyway, long story short, the guy comes back again, and by this point I didn't even attempt to greet him. I immediately paged for security to the Men's department because that's where he was headed again. I am not kidding, as soon as I finished that page, this guy, probably all 350 pounds of him, comes barreling out of the department, running as fast as he can. He was empty handed this time. My coworkers were running after him, all looking confused, because he hadn't taken anything. Then it dawned on me.

Me paging for security apparently scared him so much, that he ran out. But all the other times, when there were multiple associates and managers following him and essentially harassing him, he didn't even bat an eye. Even at the mention of getting the cops called on him, he didn't even really care, other than to run, but apparently paging for the non-existent security really does wonders with people like that. I still cannot believe that that happened, but that's one of those stories you'll remember forever and ever.

Also, we opened the Men's dressing room where he had been using it the first time he had been in, and this is disgusting, but apparently he had smeared feces on the mirror in there. This leads me to believe that he was not all there mentally, which does not excuse his behavior, but sort of makes what he did and how he did it more understandable. So terrible though.




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