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Nasty Ass Thieves: "Put That Down!"


05 Nasty Ass Thieves

From Amnial556TalesFromRetail

So I work at a chain store.

In my particular area thieves are a common thing and unfortunately we really can't do anything besides "provide great customer service ". Unless we get a license plate.

Anyways last night, it was just about closing time and it had been an interesting day. It was mixed with idiotic people and a bunch complaining about the bathroom being out, so I was not in that good of a mood.

So I'm tending to a customer and this cracked out woman starts walking real fast with a comforter under her arm.

With out thinking i yell "PUT THAT DOWN!" Think burly drill sergeant that wants to rip your nuts off.

She jumps and drops the bag at the same time. She turns and starts bitching about why I shouldn't yell and that she bought that back in furniture. (It had been closed for an hour and my manager was behind me so no one could have checked her out. )

Still in a fit of anger." Nice try, our furniture has been closed for an hour. GET OUT NOW OR IM CALLING THE COPS!"

Immidiatly turns and bolts out the store. Of course I got a Stern talking to, but since I'm the top sales associate and have the highest number of compliments up front. My manager laughed more than sternly talked.

All in all a good ending to a meh day. Got to take out some pent up anger on a thief.





I'm reminded of the moment when I realized that "Don't get caught doing that again" is not the same thing as "Don't do that again."

Misty Meanor

At least you got away pretty much!

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