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Nasty Ass Thieves: "...They Have Cameras?!"


03 Nasty Ass Thieves

From blackholes__TalesFromRetail

I'm an assistant manager at a store people love to hate.

I observe a woman walk in with her two daughters taking trips between full price and clearance sections of the store. We're kinda busy at this point so I'm not paying too much attention to her at this point, but I start to notice that she it's moving brand new floorset jackets ($200) to our $12.99 clearance closet.

Oh boy this will be fun I tell myself.

I see the woman get in line with a bunch of stuff, and two of these $200 jackets. I overtake the register and ring everything up as ticketed.

Me- "Okay ma'am, your total is $693.xx. Would you like to enter you ema---"

Woman- "Excuse me? Why it's it so expensive??"

Me- "Well, you did get two jackets at $200 a piece. So that makes up about $400 plus tax of your total. Would you like me to remove the jackets from your purchase?" (Small tidbit- we have HD cameras that I have access to. I don't know why this would shock anyone.)

Woman- "Absolutely not! Those jackets are $12.99! There's a whole closet full of them right over there." Points

And there they were. All of our floorset jackets in the closet, and an empty rack up in full price. My line is getting long now and my patience short. I'll give her one last chance to save face in front of her kids and then I'm moving on to bad guy mode.

Me- "Miss there must be some mistake, those jackets are brand new and only just arrived yesterday. I'm sorry but I can not honor the price on this."


Me- "I'm not sure that's true, but it's definitely not true when several of my staff observed you putting the jackets there. I wouldn't mind calling security and we can work on this situation with them, but I have to help the next customers if you don't have an intention to make a purchase."

PET15Now, most people would admit defeat but this woman is a special kind of stupid. Not only am I asking her to leave, but her daughters are too. Fast forward to security arriving. The woman refused to let me help the next customers.

Security guard (SG)- "What seems to be the issue?"

Woman- "They're not honoring a clearance price on a few of my items."

SG- to me "Why?"

Me- "She's trying to shoplift them. She moved full price jackets to a clearance section and is demanding the retail price. We have it all on video if you'd like to see"

SG- "Okay let's see that and figure out where to go from there."

IDIOTS. We didn't bring the psycho and her kids to the back, and they bolted as soon as we got back there.

My associates said she was like, "They have cameras??" and took off. Our cameras aren't even the fancy ones that look hidden. They look like cameras from GoldenEye on N64.




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