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From  j_lounz13, Tales From Retail:

I should preface this story with the fact that I wasn't involved in this an any way, as much as I wish I would have been.

I work at a large retail store in which we sell a variety of winter coats. Two winters ago we had a family of four come in and they all needed new winter coats. This is a great day for the salesperson as a nice new coat is around $300. We did not have the styles/sizes they were looking for in stock so we special ordered all of the coats.

Our special orders are quoted to take 2-4 weeks to arrive. In this time of waiting for their coats to come in, the mother calls the store. She explains that her husband had just passed away and they would no longer be able to buy the coats due to the financial stress they were in.

The ladies in our special order department were the ones to receive this call. Instead of cancelling the family's order, they paid for the coats themselves. I thought this was a beautiful gesture, especially in the business of the holiday season.

Just wanted to spread the tale of kindness as we enter another holiday season!

-- j_lounz13





Kai Lowell

I'm not crying, you're crying.


Because I usually start reading the story without looking at the title, I thought this was going to be a theft or scam by the way $1200 in coats sounded...

VERY glad to be mistaken.

Someone kick the onion ninjas out of my office, please.

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