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From manocake1

I work at a chain gas station / c-store. Being a chain location we run a lot of promotions that sometimes it's hard to keep track of them (Not to brag but that doesn't happen often).

Well one day this lady came in and I rang out her one item like normal and she then became very flustered.

Customer: "Excuse me but you advertised your eggs being $1.89 a dozen and they are ringing up at over $3 a dozen"

Me: "Where did you see us advertise eggs?"

Customer: "Out front on that sign"

We had a yard sign advertising jobs out front but other than that we only advertised fuel prices

Me: "That little white yard sign right there?"

Customer: "NO! Your sign out front. Second down! You see it now!"

Then it finally hit me what she was talking about...

Me: "You mean the sign that says E85, as in Ethanol, a fuel we sell."

Customer: "Well I'm not paying over $3 for a dozen eggs!"








Misty Meanor

Then you get no eggs!

Kai Lowell

Someone's a bit cracked.


I think she got scrambled from all the ethanol she was huffing.


I could see the mistake if they have poor eyesight, but not arguing about it

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