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From  on_thyme_owl, Tales From Retail:

I've worked as a car prep for a national car rental company for five years. I don't have much customer interaction, but what I get is occasionally memorable.

This tale happened in the first month I stated working, which would be still in the hot embrace of summer. Summer months at car rentals are insanely busy and on top of that I was a new hire, struggling to keep up. I thought I knew how to clean cars, but I didn't know how to clean cars "their" way.

So there I was, waist deep in the back seat of a car vacuuming, when my vacuum suddenly shuts off. I get out of the car to investigate and find it was my assistant manager who turned it off (I hated when she did that).

AM- Do you remember cleaning a red car Monday?

Me- I don't remember what cars I cleaned this morning.

AM- Well, a customer said she found a pill under the driver's seat and she said she's suing because she could have been stopped by police and arrested if they searched the car.

Me- .....Okay?

And with my response, the assistant manager turned and walked away without another word and I went back to vacuuming.

Spoiler alert: we didn't get sued.

-- on_thyme_owl





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