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From  AeonianLife Tales From Retail:

I work in the Electronics area of Massive Retail Chain.

I received a call and picked up the phone. This was the exchange (C for Customer, M for Me):

C: Do you have any phones with AM/FM radio?


M: Are you asking about cell phones, ma'am? I know that some smartphones have radio receivers in them.

C: No, I mean a regular phone, with AM/FM in it.

I had never even heard of such a device before, a standard home phone with a radio built into it.

M: I don't think that's a thing anymore, ma'am. I know some cell phones can do that, but I'm not aware of any standard home phones having that in them. I'm pretty sure they don't make those anymore.

C: ...well then, what does Other Store have?

M: I don't know what Other Store has, ma'am.

At this point, there was a loud CLICK. I said "hello?" a few times to be sure, but it was quite clear she'd hung up. The cell phone vendor who works in our store was in the next aisle, and when I came over to see him he was already starting to laugh, since he'd overheard what I was saying. Neither of us could believe it. A strange product request, followed by asking about another store's products (I have a hard enough time remember what my company stocks, let alone another one!), and then a rude hang up.

-- AeonianLife





There were no landline phones made with a radio. There were some services that had operators that would play you a record over the phone line and the speaker was at your booth, an alternative to the jukebox. There were clock radios. She was just Radio Ga Ga.


I believe there were landline phones that were like built in to clock radios, but it's been a long time since they've existed, so I'm honestly not sure if that was ever an actual product, or I'm remembering something wrong, or I just saw it in a movie or what, but that's the closest I can think of

Strange requests: Turn my iPod touch into an iPhone. Not using a WiFi calling app, but what app will enable it to connect to the cellular data network. Got that one a couple times a week


My parents had a landline that had a radio. You could use the radio as an alarm clock too so you wouldn't have to wake up to an annoying buzzer. The radio would cut out if the phone rang and would pop right back on as soon as you hung up.

So yes - they were a thing, but god that was um... 20 some odd years ago? I'm so old. :(


Right there with you. Kids who were born the year I turned 21 are now able to legally buy cigarettes.


I can top that... kids who were bprn the year I turned 21 could legitimately have kids that are old enough to buy cigarettes...

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