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I've worked at a fairly high end retail store for around 6 months. Denim is something our store is most known for, so of course knowing each style is something employees must know. One day at work, one of my co workers who was on her way to clock out told me there was a lady and her friend in denim who needed help. I proceeded to head to the denim section of the store and spotted a lady in what I assumed to be dentist scrubs, and her very pregnant friend.

The pregnant friend (PF) and dentist b*tch (DB) smiled at me so I assumed this would be a normal everyday interaction... uh no. They're standing in the section by the low rise denim jeans looking at a pair of black ones:

DB: "Where do you hide these jeans?"

Me: "These are our low rise jeans right behind you if that is the style you are looking for, we also offer different styles."

DB: "Get me my size, now."

Me: " Alright, what is your size."

PF: "Her size at (a European retail store) is [size]."

Me: "Ok well I'm not really familiar with how the sizing for that store works but our sizing is a little different if you look at the tag-"

DB: "I don't understand why you cant understand English, I want a [size] right now."

At this point I still don't understand what f*cking size she is, so I go to grab what I think looks like it would fit her. She wanted black low rise jeans with no rips, but all we had in her size were ones with rips.

Me: "Ok well I don't see the size you are looking for out on the floor, but I have these that are fairly similar only they do have rips in them. I can go check the back or order them online-"

JasondroidDB: "This is pathetic that you work here and you cannot get me what I am looking for. I asked for black jeans with no holes and you can't get them in my hand. You should be embarrassed."

Me: "I understand, but we don't seem to have any on the floor right now, I can give you these to try on for size while I look in the back-"

DB: "You will direct me to the fitting rooms right now and if you don't find me what I asked for, then I will talk to your manager."

So I take this demon to the fitting rooms and tell my manager about this. My manager is super close with everyone we work with and gets super pumped when we get rude customers so she can argue with them. So she heads to the fitting rooms to ask her how she's doing:

Manager: "How is everything going, are you finding everything you looked for?"

DB: "I am certainly not, you hired an employee who can't give me what I want so she should not be employed here if she knows nothing about the store."

Manager: "Well honey we don't have your size in stock so at this point we can only do so much-"

DB: "Either you give me the size I need right now or I will never shop here again. I know you are hiding them in the back and doing this because I am Hispanic and you think I can't afford them."

Manager: "Honey we don't have them and if we did, we would give them to you. So if you are done embarrassing yourself in front of the entire fitting room and store, we will take you at the register."

My manager smiles and leaves, while the DB is red faced and steaming and her pregnant friend gets up to leave. They walked right out of the store , didn't buy a thing, while the whole staff just smiled at them and told them to have a nice day.




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