Fedex lacks confidence
Teacher Takes on Second Job During Halloween Season



This thing seriously looks like a Tim Burton movie set...


Are you sure it's not from that excrement -- I mean alleged movie, charlie and the crap factory? Dammit, I did it again...


I do hope you are referring to the Johnny Depp remake TT...the original movie from days past was quite good imho. But yes, given that assumption, this room would have fit in nicely there.


Interesting...I wonder what time zone this site is hosted in. It says I posted at 9:57 am but where I am it's nearly 1pm.

Kai Lowell

I think that's more to do with Typepad than with RHU, Maybeth.


Maybeth: Yes; the good one with Gene Wilder is "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". I love that movie. "Willy Wonka and" is to "Charlie and" as Starship Troopers (book) is to Starship Troopers (movie). Two completely different things with only the vaguest relationship to each other...

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