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From KrombopulousMary, Tales From Retail:

Last night, as I had just finished closing the register in the bakery I manage, just about to leave for the night at 6:59, 1 minute before closing, the phone rings.

I answer with a mild sigh, but it had been a pleasant day and I wasn't too bothered to take the call - just hoped it wouldn't be long or someone claiming they're "only ten minutes away" expecting me to stay open for them. A disgruntled woman was on the other line, we'll call her Pie Hole (PH).

Me: Bake Shoppe, how can I help you?

PH: Can you tell me what sizes your pies are for Thanksgiving?

Me: Well we actually only offer one size of each variety, they're 9".

PH: Well someone else told me 8" and someone else told me 9" and someone else told me 10" so which is it??

Me: (Thinking to myself, you asked this question knowing you weren't going to believe me. This woman is looking for an argument.)

Me: The pies are 9", sorry for any confusion.

PH: I just need to know how big they are.

Me: Well they're 9" for certain. The thing is that the base of the pie is about 8", and from one edge of the crust to the other it's about 10". But that's only crust. There's really 9" of solid pie.


Me: Yes miss, as I stated the pies are 9". They'll serve about 8-10 people if that's more helpful to you.

PH: Ugh. Is there anyone there who can help me??

Me: No miss, we've already closed and I'm the only person here.

PH: Well when can I call back that someone will be there to help me??

Me: Tomorrow morning.

PH: (Literally yelling) WHAT TIME???

Me: We open at 7AM.

PH: I'll be calling in the morning.

Me: Okay, enjoy your night miss.


I could not have been more descriptive.

I just think she wanted a dispute. It almost seems like the clientele I experience has this nagging need to get someone fired or be proven right or to feel like they've been mistreated and victimize themselves.

The pie serves 8-10 people. That's really all you need to know. Place your Thanksgiving order or shut your damn Pie Hole.







What kind of chintzy-ass people can make one pie serve 10 people? :P

Kai Lowell

Not everyone eats the entire pie themselves, TT. :P\

(Because they are weird and don't know what's good.)


I just meant you'd have to use a micrometer and a miter box to cut it that small... normally see pies cut by 6, not 10...


I got sick of cutting a pie to only have people say I shouldn't have any, but I'll just cut a bit off a this slice. Now I cut out my slice and leave the knife by the uncut pie, so those people can cut off the half inch slice they want, come back in 30 minutes and do it again and again, pretending they are not eating a large slice.

Kai Lowell

Well, to be fair, I tend to eat fairly small slices anyway, so I can easily see a pie serving ten people. Provided they eat small slices.


World's most accurate pie chart, Supernatural Style

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