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From standardmanc, Tales From Retail:

So I was on the till and had a queue of about 5 people or so, this little girl about 10 comes up to my till as I'm serving and starts asking me questions, it's only when my colleague points it out that I realize she is trying to distract me so they can nick stuff.

I ignore her and she buggers off. I did actually see the mother come in I only saw her two daughters, the other must have been no older than 5. So anyway I carry on serving but keep an eye out for the mum and it's pretty obvious who she is, was definitely sporting the meth head look.

I notice that the mother is acting a bit weird as she keeps dropping down behind fixtures so we can't see her, then as she's leaving not only am I still serving but I'm watching them, trying not to make it too obvious but then I spot something in her younger daughter's hand, so I've done a double take and started full on watching them leave while trying to figure out what her daughter has.

The mother spots this and starts yelling at me asking 'HAVE I GOT SOMETHING ON MY FACE' 'WHY DO YOU KEEP LOOKING AT ME'. I respond in my best Louis Theroux way and am polite to her and just say no you don't, I'm not looking at you. And she storms out.

Batspawn2Security arrive and I get the full story from my manager. She managed to walk out with one of our toys in the window display near the doors, turns out there was another kid, about three years old who along with his sister were able to sneak to where no one could see them as casually move different items in the display closer and closer to the door, once close enough the older kid has managed to grab the boxed toy and run off, luckily they entered another store which informed us that these kids had our stock but by the time security were at said store or even ours they had disappeared.

It's so infuriating because there was only four of us working that night and we were all busy, plus its pretty easy to hide where the toy displays were because of the way they're stacked up and plus you have your back to the displays when on the till so I wouldn't have seen the kids doing what they were doing anyway.

Once they had left we found a bunch of toys hidden under clothes fixtures and put in random places where the mother had been lingering, clearly changed her mind then. It's the kids i feel sorry for really, imagine what they are going to grow up to be like after being taught not only that stealing is okay but how to do it. Safe to say we were all quite upset that this happened and none of us were able to stop it, which would have been difficult to do anyway as you aren't allowed to touch children (obviously...that sounds wrong) or have a go, which is why so many disgusting parents will use their kids as a tool for stealing.





Misty Meanor

This is why I weep for the generation of today's children.

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