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From Itorres89,  AskReddit

Two years ago... We had just let the doors open. Customers rushing in.

I'm working the customer service desk with two other employees. One, a grizzled veteran like myself. The other, a new girl. Fresh out of register training. We're hunkered down in our semi-circular service desk area like it's a foxhole in Vietnam.

Shirley (the veteran) casually breaks her change in the register while the new girl fumbles and fidgets with the shopping bags, trying to get them ready for quick bagging. I'm on the radio making sure everyone on the floor is ready with an RMU(Telxon) to do price checks.

First, we hear the register in electronics start beeping like mad as the team over there starts ringing up electronics deals. Then we hear the beeping coming from Layaway. Electronics is on the radio calling for support. We passed out tickets for the large TVs going on 60% off sale. Limited supply, they were already running out and it's only been 15 minutes.

OCTOCAROL 348Shirley speaks up. "Here they come.."

And a wall of customers comes rushing in and our registers are overrun. Already a customer is berating the new girl for not moving fast enough and daring to ask the customer for their rewards card. Shirley is busy bagging 5 (yes, FIVE) electric kettles... I'm trying to assist the new girl assisting the rude customer and I hear something coming from the cashiers needing assistance too. One at first, then two more... then all of the sudden...


We had to call in each. and. every. single. credit. card. transaction.

The horror......... The horror......





Misty Meanor

Murphy's Law taken up to eleven!!

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