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Black Friday Nightmares: She Wants A Wii



From LickidySlipAskReddit

I work at an electronics store. This was a few years ago, the Nintendo Wii was new and the hot thing to have that year for Christmas.

A lady came up to me and a fellow employee, midway through the day and asked where to get a Wii.

My coworker said, "HA, no chance of that. We sold out a couple hours ago, should've got here earlier."

Lady said he was rude and demanded to speak to a manager.

So in comes my manager, says to the lady that he's sorry but suggests she buy a Wii game and give that to her son on Christmas with the promise of the system to come.

The lady likes this idea and says, "Ok what game is popular?"

My manager says, "Well Super Mario seems to be very popular."

Lady responds enthusiastically with, "Ok where can I find that?"

My manager says "Ha, no chance of that we sold out a couple hours ago, should've got here earlier."

Lady left very upset, screaming that we were all assholes.

Maybe we are. But it's not like we cared at this point.






I feel like this might have been avoided with some diplomacy


First Ha? Totally excusable. The second following a recommendation made by himself? I'd say rude.


I agree with Nightwalker. First time,yeah, honest response, second time, manager set her up, just to be mean, definitely an ass.

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