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From GoldMidnight, Tales From Retail:

This story happened this morning. I was the first cashier on a mainline register at $Home Improvement store. These two gentlemen were my second group of customers. They were buying four bags of concrete mix, and ten hardibacker boards. It's a bit of an odd purchase at this end of the store; building material transactions almost exclusively happen down at the contractors' end, but whatever. The only customer who speaks will be C, I'll be me, and my head cashier will be HC.

C: "Can you give me the bulk discount on these?"

We offer bulk pricing, but you generally have to buy a lot of those items, not just a few.

Me: "No, sorry, I can't give you that price unless you buy the bulk amount."

C: "Can you get me a manager and check? They always do it for me at competitor."

Me: "We're not competitor, but let me do a quick check on the quantities."

As I'm checking the amounts for the bulk pricing, HC comes over with the change I'd requested a few minutes ago.

Me: "Yeah, you'd need to buy at least 30 of the hardibackers, and 50 of the cement bags. I'm not able to give you a discount. It's policy."

C: "Well, get a manager and ask."

I immediately turn to HC. She may not be a manager, but she is my supervisor right now.

HC: "We're not allowed to give you the bulk price if you're not buying the bulk quantity. Sorry."

C: "Call a manager for me. They always give me the bulk price at competitor, otherwise I can't afford it and have to go to the flooring store."

HC stares at him with a look that says very plainly how unimpressed she is with his argument, but says, "fine", gets on the phone and calls a manager. She returns a couple minutes later and tells them to head down to our contractors services desk to see if the supervisor down there can do anything for them. They head off cheerfully.

I have no idea if they ever got their discount, but the head cashier and I agreed that we hope they didn't, because they weren't buying anywhere near what the bulk amount was.








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