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From Brinbobtaboggan, Tales From Retail:

I have a 2 for 1 deal today, two receipt error mistake stores I'd like to share. First one happened maybe a year ago.

I'm in the self service area, guarding the machines, fixing errors, which 8/10 times is a double scan, 1/10 is a price descrepancy, which to fix I need to call long life over the intercom to come and verify the price the customer is telling me the item should be. The other 1/10 is someone asking me to cancel an item they can't afford or decide they don't want or whatever.

So. I was cruising back and forward, making sure the machines are behaving, the customers are behaving and generally keeping am eye on things. I notice a customer has been staring at his receipt for more than 10 seconds which indicates to me were about to have some sort of issue. He catches my eye and wiggles his finger 'come.' At me. I smile and pretend this doesn't bother me.

M- 'good morning sir! Every thing alright??

C- 'no, it actually is not alright. There's a mistake on my receipt'

Great. When everything's on the screen, I can fix it, no problems, but after money has exchanged hands and transactions finalized, there's more steps now.

M 'ok, what seems to be the issue?'

C 'these biscuits. You charged me $4.99, it says on the ticket $1.99.'

M 'OK, let me get someone over to verify the ticket price'

C 'I'm not a fucking liar! Why would I lie over $3'

Well, you just swore at me over $3 so....

M (trying to diffuse, because I don't like confrontation at work, its very one ended ordeal) 'no no,! Sir! Its just a formality! I get questioned over every price adjustment and descrepancy that I enter, I need a coworker to verify that its a legitimate one! (Somewhat true, but not really, I can price change anything under a certain amount and as long as its not 8 times a day, no one will question me)

C 'I can just show you myself!!'

M ' i cant leave the self service machines unattended, give me one min, please'

I call a coworker to stand in for me and march over to the biscuits with my angry customer.

C ' SEE! these biscuits only cost $2!!! I demand them free! and I also want my money back. you have to honour the ticket price!!!!

I look at where he is pointing, but, alas, the biscuits he has, are a different size to the $2 ones. He has the 100 pack, which is $4.99, the sign hes pointing to are the 50 pack, which are on sale for $2. I explain all this to him.

OCTOCAROL 116C ' NOPE! I found this packet right above the $2 sign. You have to gimme them at that price now'

Gives me his best shit eating grin. he's only partially right, if the stock is shelved with a lower price, we have to honor that price, but in this case, someone just put a single 100 pack on top of the 50 pack pile and he happened to pick it up. All the other stock is correctly displayed. We are not at fault. I honestly think he just read the wrong price because he tried to state they were all like that. But the way the shelf was set up, there was no mistake. That's ok, I don't like being wrong either, but anyway.

He ranted and raved that we are scummy scummy scammers and I personally should be ashamed of the dodgy practices being employed here, I'm a horrible human being that doesn't know the truth if it smacked me in the face. Bit of projection there mate but I'll take it.

Some people just don't know where to stop. He got my manager involved and the manager of stocking shelves brought it to complain about the way its set up.

Story #2.

After this encounter, I'm always nervous about customers hanging around after the POS with their receipt in hand, waiting to catch my eye. I see a woman doing just this, right outside the self service exit. I cautiously approach her and ask her if everything is OK.

C 'no, there's a mistake.'

M 'OK, I'm sure we can get it sorted for you, what seems to be the problem?'

C 'I forgot to pay for my watermelon, I'd like to pay for it, please'

I lead her over to the registers and she finalises her transaction and walks off Happy. She made me less nervous to approach customers after that. Still makes me smile. It wasn't the last time someone did that, but it was the first time and I won't forget it. Funny how a simple show of good human decency and honesty goes a long way.

Edit* sorry, I got the prices mixed up. The 100 pack is normaly $5 ($4.99) and we had the 50 packs on sale for $2.





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