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From RHUer

Before I begin the story, there is just one thing I can’t stand. It is when the customer think that they are always right as us cashiers are just plain stupid. 9 times out of 10 it is the customer's fault and not ours.

Please, before you make your judgement, look down and see what you have messed up on first.

To the story, I was ringing up this lady when during the middle of the transaction, she practically screams at me, “this is going to be on my food stamps”.

There is no specific button we press to make it food stamps, you just swipe your card like a credit card. I am like "ok" and continue. When I finish ringing up her items she asks me what her total is, apparently not seeing it right there on the screen in front of her face.

I said, "Your total is $83.47."

Now granted she had grocery and other stuff that food stamps wouldn’t pay for.

She screams, “No I mean my food stamps total!"

Carolanne dur hurpI said, "Mam, there is no way I can tell you your food stamps total, you have to swipe your card and it takes off whatever is available on the card."

She’s like, "No that's not true I been using this card for a long time and I know how it works!"

I tried to explain this to her again when she interrupted me and said, "Listen, I am not going to stand here all day and argue with you, now let me speak to your manager”.

So I go and get the manager. When we come back to her, she had already swiped her food stamps card and it took off a partial amount. The items that it took off was not charged tax, but the items that still need to be bought do have tax on them.

She swiped her debit card and I handed her the receipt. As I’m beginning to tend to the customer, she stops me and says, “You apparently don’t know what you doing because you charged me tax on my food stamps card”.

I explained to her how the entire food stamps worked and she still didn’t believe me. For someone who claims that she knows a lot about food stamps, she  clearly didn’t know anything. So again, I called my manager over and she took her up to customer service. 3 ½ hours later, the lady leaves still thinking that she was charged tax.

Really people? Some people just amaze me.





She knows more about it because the voices in her head tell her so, and they always tell her she's smart and pretty so obviously they know more than someone who ISN'T her...

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