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From RHUer

During this day, I was back on the self checkouts. Most people don’t like the self checkouts because there is 8 of them and a lot to handle all at once. But unlike others, I actually enjoy working at the self checkout more than I do a regular register. So anyhow, to the story.

This time at the self checkouts, all of the checkouts decided to have something go wrong with them at once. One needed receipt paper, the other had a paper jam, one needed an age approval to buy alcohol.

So I am helping a customer because her receipt paper got stuck in the machine. I get a tap on the back with a very loud, “Excuse Me It Won't Take My Money”.

I tell this guy to please hold on one second while I fix this lady’s receipt. After I finished helping her I make my way over to him. He is a 70 something rude looking man.

He starts shoving the $20 bill into the machine and says, "LOOK it won’t take it, WTF is wrong with this machine?!"

He gets very irate and gets in my face waving the $20 bill in my face jumping around and yelling.

So I take his $20 and try it myself. Apparently he had a messed up bill because it wouldn’t work for me either.

He starts yelling, “SEE I told you now tell me why just why it won’t take my d**m money?"

At this point he is up in my face yelling at me and I tell him, "Please wait one moment."

At this point I’m so frustrated at him so I go to my podium and dial *100 (which is security). Moments later, security arrives, try to calm him down but he just won’t. I still have his money in my hand so I go to the machine, suspend the transaction, and cash him out on my podium drawer. Hand him the change while security is escorting him out for causing a scene.

I don’t see how come that man got so irate, I know the self checkouts can be aggravating sometimes but if you slow down and pay attention to what you're doing, things usually go a lot smoother.




Misty Meanor

I don't get the nerve of some people.

An inappropriately aggressive response to a minor issue is a symptom of a number of age related forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's. The guy may need to be in a home for his own safety.

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