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From RHUer

The day that this happened, I was working on the self checkouts. Let me set something straight. They are called Self Checkouts for a reason. I stand at my podium and you use the checkouts. I go assist you if you need to void an item or need an age approval for alcohol. I do nothing more for you.

So this lady and her, I would say 6 year old, daughter comes up the the self checkout beside my podium.

The first thing she does is sits her purse on the scale, which makes it say, “please wait for assistance”.

I click on the security button from my register to clear it.

Then her daughter sits on the scale which makes it go off again.

By this time this lady is in a hurry and is getting very upset. She picks up her heavy 24 pack of water and try to scan it but as she is doing it her daughter again, sits on the scale. The machine said, “please wait for assistance”.

I click my button and go on. As I’m looking at her transaction on the screen I notice that her water didn’t scan.

I say, “Mam, your water didn’t scan”.

She lashes out at me and says, “Well then, it said wait for assistance and all you're doing is standing their like an idiot”.

I begin to tell her that it was just a security and I can clear it from my podium.

She said, “I don’t give a flying f**k, when it says wait for assistance you come over here and help your customer, I work in retail and I know how to f*****g serve my customers”.

Then the daughter goes, “Mommy, calm down”.

She goes, “I can’t stand you f*****g cashiers who are so self centered you can’t even help your customers correctly."

Thinking back about this I see what went wrong. Because she scanned her water as her daughter was sitting on the scale which made it go off, she thought that it was saying that I could come over and scan the water for her.

What doesn’t make any sense is why would the register prompt me to scan it for you when you already have it on the scanner? Again, it is called self checkout for a reason.





The kid should learn not to sit on the scale! It was totally the girl's fault!


I blame the mother, not the kid. Mommy can't be bothered to teach the kid not to do stupid stuff

Kai Lowell

^ That. How's the kid supposed to know if mumsy dearest can't be arsed to teach her how to behave like a civilized being? Although it sounds like there's hope for her if she told her mother to calm down.


Yeah, she sounds like a sweet kid who just was never taught better than that. Not her fault, and she'll learn with or without mommy. Hopefully, she'll stay the way she is.

Kai Lowell

One can hope. This world needs more heavenspawn.


I agree with all of you! It's just that I read so much about kids doing the wrong thing and knowing they are. I am sure this girl will learn to do right in school or with nicer people.

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