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From RHUer

I am on a regular register and this lady and her mother come up. I ring up her mother and she pays.

I start on her daughter and she has 3 different transactions, one being a WIC.

I ring up her other ones and she is super friendly about it and stuff. I go to ring up her WIC and I notice that her check calls for 1% milk. She has 2% milk.

I tell her that she has to go back and get the 1% milk but she gets all upset and says that it's fine that I can go ahead and scan it anyway.

Um, excuse me, I work here and you don’t. Don’t tell me what is and isn’t fine.

So I go and ask my manager and she says the same thing: that it has to be 1%. I go back and tell the lady this and she goes off about how she was here the other day and it scanned.


Freddy Holy Crap

I told her that no, we can’t do that. She was really pissed off. She threw her gallon across my belt at me and stormed off.

I avoided the milk by leaping back all the way to my coworker's register and vaulting onto the belt, squashing some lady's bread. (Sorry lady!) Best guess as to "how" likely involves copious amounts of adrenaline and survival instinct.

Liquid + Electricity = No fucking way!

I escaped the actual impact. The register wasn't so lucky. 

It should come as no surprise that the gallon exploded when it hit my register. It soaked me, the poor lady, and of course my entire register, with milk. Impressive Area Of Effect range.

My register got very angry about this white liquid getting into its internal machinery. It made funny and disturbing noises, and gave off a bad smell as the milk sizzled.

The woman who chucked the milk in the first place was even more upset to be detained by security, then charged by actual police for chucking a heavy object at me, and for completely obliterating the register. (We joked for a loooong time about how the register failed being "float tested" in a gallon of milk.)

For the record, no... WIC doesn't cover Destruction Of Property charges.





Don't uses of WIC know how strict it can be? No white sugar, white bread and white rice is in the WIC book. She should use a non-WIC payment if she wants the 2% milk. I think this customer should be charged for property destruction!


Yes, they know. This woman just didn't care. People who are doing something wrong and know it always have anger escalate from 0 to 100 in about 1 second. I remind myself of this when they go off at me, it helps me stay calm and laugh at them (internally).


It seems ridiculously arbitrary sometimes, which might be part of it. I dealt with food stamps some when I worked at the first convenience store (neither of the two after that dealt with them)... A frozen burrito? Acceptable. The SAME frozen burrito plus 45 seconds of time in a microwave? UNACCEPTABLE! I used to tell people who nuked it and came to the register something like 'This CLEARLY FROZEN burrito is X amount. Once you've purchased it, feel free to use the microwave over there to heat it up, since even though it's useless in its frozen state to eat, you can't pay for a hot burrito with food stamps.'


When I used to work a register, you couldn't buy food that was ready to eat with food stamps. Frozen burrito - not ready to eat so okay. Heated - ready, therefore ineligible. It was as ridiculous as people could buy fountain drinks with food stamps, as long as they didn't put a straw in the cup until after it was paid for.


I was on assistance for awhile back when the economy crashed, and yes, it is pretty ridiculous and arbitrary. Cold pre cooked chicken at the grocery store: Yes. Cooked from the deli, Nope. Rules is rules, though, and the employee has 0 authority to override. Even managers and their corporate overlords can't override.

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