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From mjw5000, Tales From Retail:

I️ manage a cell phone store which is open 9-7 Monday through Saturday and 1-6 on Sundays. It’s also has a large grocery store right next door. I️ typically do my inventory counts on Sunday, way before the store opens. This allows me to not be interrupted and research variances etc. I️ also have large windows in the front of the store so you can see the entire store from the outside.

Sunday morning comes around and I️ get there at 9 to start counting. All is well no one pulling on my door which does happen but they soon realize we aren’t open. They normally will look at the hours, which is clearly visible on my door, and then walk off.

10:00 am rolls around and someone pulls on the door, it’s loud so I️ look up and watch them read the hours then step back. She waits about 5 seconds and pulls again, this time I️ walk to the door and say I’m sorry we don’t open till 1pm. Granted I️ didn’t unlock or open the door because you can easily hear through it.

Crazy lady: You are going to open this f***ing door right now I️ need to pay my bill.

Me: Mam we don’t open till 1pm it’s 11am you can come back when we open.

Crazy lady: If you don’t open the f***ing door I’m going to call corporate and file a complaint.

Me: You can do that if you want to but I’m still not going to let you in, I️ then gave her a thumbs up just for fun.

Crazy lady: Flipped me off and just F*** You and went off.

What makes it even worse is she works next door at the grocery store and was in full uniform. I️ likely could have told her manager and got her fired or written up. I️ figured she might be insane and come shoot me or something.






Hey, if she reports you for not opening three hours early, you can always report her for being stupid...

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