You Had One Job Bird Maker
Entitled Customers: If you're going to rush an order, pick it up when you say you're going to



Big enough for alcoholic mommy to put the baby into and ignore, as she raises a glass of wine to her mouth and takes a selfie of her and the baby for facebook.


Joke's on you, that's the display. They come in boxes of 40.


I was making a joke.


I shall only have ONE glass of alcohol each day!


(boops Jofur) I know. :) I was too, but not about you; it just ended up looking that way, sorry.


That's fine. I didn't take offense. We just get our humor miscued sometimes.

Kai Lowell

Heck, I'd fit in that glass.


(No! Bad tiger)

Kai Lowell

Hey, I wasn't going to make the "drink me" joke... :P

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