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I work in the boys department of a big clothing store. Sometimes we get reduction rails which have stuff from all other departments. Of course, loads of stock that isnt actually reduced ends up on it.

Woman: "Is everything here reduced?

Me: "No sorry, just anything with a reduced sticker is on sale, people have been...

Woman: (interrupting me) "Go check the price of this, I'll wait here..." doing a go away hand gesture.

Me: "This isn't reduced, it's the price stated on the tag..."

Woman: "Would you just go and get the price for me" raising her voice.

At this point I'm trying to ignore that she was ordering me around with no hint of a please or any politeness whatsoever, so I tried to again explain that somebody had clearly picked up a tshirt from the rail beside me, and left it on the reductions rail. As I tried to show her the other ones to back up that it wasn't reduced, she snatches it from my hand "fine well I'll just do it myself" and storms off to her husband complaining that I couldn't be bothered to check the reduction price. 3 attempts and it still never clicked







Misty Meanor

It never clicks for crusties.


I'm kinda on 'Team Customer' for this one. A customer wanted you to do a price verification on the system to make sure that it really wasn't discounted. You were certain it wasn't, but you could have scanned it for her to prove it. It is your job to check it for them. Instead, you refused to do your job because you decided you didn't want to.


If it didn't have a sticker on the tag, it wasn't discounted. What's the point of checking it again?

Tech Support Survivor

"It's full price." I think she had that phrase blocked in her brain.


That wasn't what she wanted to hear, so OBVIOUSLY the retail slave was incorrect...

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