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McHell Manager

It's Cards Against Humanity's latest stint. They decided that instead of selling their card game, they're going to sell Prongles for Black Friday

'Cards Against Humanity creators Max Temkin and Josh Dillon did not respond to multiple requests for comment from TODAY but told Fox News: "Our bold flavors and edgy brand were heavily influenced by President Trump's original thinking and big ideas. If you love President Donald J. Trump[,] we guarantee you will love the tangy onion and thick cream flavors of Original Prongles. That's why we promise to Make America CRUNCH Again™!" '


The even better part of this particular stunt is that they are using the money to then buy lands on the border where Cheeto "plans" to build his wall, so that they can fight construction using an eminent domain lawyer they've retained for this purpose.


LOL. Jokes on them if they buy land on the border. I wonder if they every looked up what "eminent domain" is?

OH, and by the way: your president's name is President Trump, not Cheeto. Show some respect.

McHell Manager

Datapath, that is why the hired an Eminent Domain Lawyer.

Also, we can call the idiot in power whatever we want. In my opinion, he does not deserve the title of President. He is an deluded idiot who's slogan is "Make America Great Again". When was America ever great to start with??

Kai Lowell

I'll show the orange menace respect when he starts showing the COUNTRY respect.

Tech Support Survivor

Cheeto, heh, that's a new one. I just call him a baby. Oh, and for the record, Canadian, so NOT MY president.


Sorry, didn't realize this was a political thing or I wouldn't have touched it...


People, the idiot's name is Trump, you can't think that that name can be improved on surely?

In case anyone doesn't get it, in the UK we often call farting trumping. As in a trumpet call. I'm sorry if you already knew that, I'm not always up to date with my transatlantic interpretations.


I don't get involved in politics here. I'm very active in other places, but I need at least a couple of venues where I can escape from it


I agree, I hope this is a place where we can leave politics alone.

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