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From StrongBlood65, Tales From Retail:

I was working Halloween, manning both the customer services desk and the candy bowl for kids. A mom and son came into the store and grabbed a basket, she sent her son over to my counter to get some candy and this when I noticed he had a big pillow case as his candy holder.

It would be completely fine if it they were going in and out of the store, but they started to shop around with the bag. So I informed my manager and she said she keep tabs on them.

After at least of 20 minutes of shopping they came to one of the shelf checkouts with only a few items, but the kid's pillow case was surprisely huge now. I could tell from where I was that someone filled it up with other groceries.

My manager headed over to the lady and told her we have to look into the pillow case. She got all mad that we dare say we think she stole something. When you get annoyed it's a red flag that you indeed stole something.

The manager told her if she can't see what's in the pillow case she'll call the security immediately. Reluctantly the lady shows the manager the pillow case and she starts pulling out stuff.

Here's a list of what was in the bag.

-cans of pop

-a bag of apples

-a couple big bags of chips

-a 3 pack of gum

My manager took them back and said "Either you pay for these too and get out or just get out." She said she didn't want them and left the store with her son, without any of the other stuff she was going to get.





Misty Meanor

OK, that's just sinking to a whole new level. Using your child to help you steal? Give me a break!

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