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From occipital_spatula, Tales From Retail:

I was outside collecting carts when I noticed a tiny old lady putting groceries in her car. She'd unloaded all the bags and was making sure they were secure, but still had three big cases of cat litter on the back of her cart.

So I walked up and asked her if she wanted the litter in the back with the rest of her groceries.

OL: Oh bless you, yes please! Here, let me make room.

She turned back to her car to move some of the stuff around, still talking.

OL: Thank you so much. Those are just so heavy for me anymore-- *turns around to see that I was cradling two of them in my left arm and holding the third by the handle, and cracks up laughing* --and just look at you! There was a time I would have done that you know.

So I set them in her car and she was just so happy that I'd stopped to help.

OL: Thank you so much sweetheart, you helped an old gramma out today. What's your name, dear one?

I told her my name and she hugged me and told me hers, and she kept saying I was so kind and that I had a sweet soul. I seriously could have cried...

It's true when they say elderly people are either the best or worst customers.






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