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Because they're boring, overpriced and artificially scarce.


Indeed. My fiance and I are in agreement on the matter, we'd rather have something nice and meaningful that we picked out from the heart, rather than some overpriced, artificially inflated thing that we feel obligated to buy because of society's insistence that love is quantified by the size of a rock


My fiancée (now wife) expressed an opinion nearly 20 years ago that diamonds are simply ugly, and she didn't want one.

Her engagement ring's major stone is an emerald.


Only the people that are invested in diamonds give a shit. What I wonder about is the news item on a guy that over a decade ago was growing sheets of diamond to use for semiconductors. I await the affordable diamond devices.


Emeralds are nice. I like sapphires, myself... and you can get synthetic ones of both that are MASSIVE, for cheap.


Because Amethysts are so much prettier than a bit of carbon that is more useful in industry than on my finger.


I like the blue amethysts.

McHell Manager

Supposed Millennial here-- My wedding ring is made of diamonds, but they're small. The whole ring was $300. Firstly, I don't do GIANT rocks, you know, the ones that are a gajillion dollars. They are impractical for my clumsy self. I would knock the shit on some post and it would go flying. And sure they are insured, but first, I do not want to go finding that diamond every other day, and then go take it to the jewelers the same amount of times.

Second: They are super expensive! For no reason other than greed!

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I like diamonds. Really. I just can't afford them. Also doubt I'll ever get married. I have a couple of rings that I inherited from family members. I'd probably get my grandmothers ring redone instead.


Nothing wrong with liking diamonds. I just find them boring, unless they're really large enough to see the internal color sparkles. The microdots you usually find on things, you could replicate with sequins and nobody could tell. :P


Ha so funny I found this! My wedding ring of 15 years recently broke :( My husband had a jeweler friend custom make it. While I adored the ring it was all diamonds and yellow gold. Well after it broke he said he was going to get me something updated and "modern." I confessed I didn't exactly love diamonds, and while his first ring was meaningful and unique I couldn't stare at a diamond for another 15, so my new ring which comes in next week is tanzanite! I'm so stoked. It's funny though - I showed my sister-in-law a picture of my new ring and she goes "Well, it's pretty but it doesn't exactly scream "wedding ring". LOL I love her but seriously F off.


They are killing the diamond industry, the fine dining industry, and so many others. How dare they try to afford things like housing and food on their meager salaries! Don't they know they are putting hard working luxury dealers out of business, and then where will the rich be able to go to get rid of pocket change

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