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How one Grocery Manager Responds to the Infamous Retail Hell Line: "Do You Work Here?"



From Krennokrong, Tales From Retail:

I’m a night manager in a grocery store and have a different shirt that signifies that. I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “Do you work here?”. At first, it annoyed me like you wouldn’t believe but I’ve learned to humor myself on the job or else I’d probably lose my mind.

I feel like the number of times I’m asked this in a day has extremes. By that, either no one will ask and the next day people will stop me all night. Again, I’m used to it now and like to humor myself.

Last night a friendly looking gentleman stopped me and asked the age-old question,

“Hey do you work here?”.

I stopped and faced him with my shirt and badge showing, gave him a dorky smile and just said:

“No, but don’t tell the others. They seriously think I work here. (the man laughs) So, how can I help you?”

I figured he would get it and was sweet to me. However, there have been people who seem genuine when they ask and if I replied the same way they straight up wouldn’t see the joke. It's all about reading people.

TL;DR – People ask me obvious questions and sometimes I’ll humor myself by not answering how they expect.





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