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From  InsanityPrelude, Tales From Retail:

I just love stickers, you guys. Recently, a giant roll of stickers has appeared at every checkout. I hope this becomes a permanent feature. Within the past weekend alone:

  • A box of donuts turned out to be busted in some way so that the lid would sort of skew and pop open whenever it was picked up. I didn't have tape, but using a couple stickers I was able to fix it to close properly. The lady buying them loved it.

  • As I was heading to my lunch break, I encountered a dad leading a gaggle of small children. I still had some stickers in my vest pocket, so I offered them to the kids with a cheery "Happy Sunday!" One of the kids held up his sticker and declared to his dad that this was the most happiest Sunday.

  • Most importantly, I got a bawling, overtired toddler to settle down by offering a sticker. These things are magic.

Just a little post-black Friday positivity post. :)

-- InsanityPrelude









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