Cashier Hell: "I'm Not Buying Bulk, but I Want the Bulk Price!"
You Had One Job: Measure Twice, Cut Once, Genius



And yet, at least it wasn't just bitten in half...


I's not like they bit it in half and left it. At least they cut it so that someone else could enjoy it. Maybe they could only eat half as a treat in a diet or something. In any case, someone needs to get off their back unless they're doing it to all the cupcakes and not taking the halves they left from previous ones.


They cut it and left it, which means it's going to go stale. Nobody ever eats a left over half of a cupcake, so they basically wasted it. Take the whole thing and throw it away, rather than cluttering the place up.

And that doesn't even look like 'half', it looks like they cut a quarter out of it...


Actually, I'm generally perfectly happy to eat the cut pieces.

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