Black Friday Nightmares: Appliances And Crock Pots Are More Valuable Than The 3 Year Old Child
Pumpkin Spice Gone To Far



Ahem...this is such hard, demanding work that I really feel uncomfortable to read about it as "playing a game".
Just because it looks effortless (much like ballett) doesn't mean it's not exhausting.
I know, the headline surely just wants to admire how satisfying this actually looks- but too often I heard people talk about dedicated workers without getting the effort behind the neat looks.
(Damn it, I lost my train of thought sonewhere...)


I didn't realize that was a video. I thought it was just a reference to 'looks vaguely like Donkey Kong'...

Kai Lowell

I have mad respect for how flawless those guys make it look. THAT is talent; they're obviously damn good at their job.

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